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Dustin J.  

Throughout the centuries many heart's treasures and golden futures have been poured out upon the Lord because of the preciousness of Christ Jesus. Well I certainly did not have one of these golden futures but never-the-less I have discovered the incomparable value and worth of our dear Lord Jesus. He saved me at the age of 13 but for the next several years I still wondered in the wilderness, not in Egypt but not in the good land. But the Lord would not let me go! His faithful shepherding led me back to fellowship with the church in Crescent City in 2008 and the dispensing of His riches has been increasing ever since. I'm so happy to be home in the church. 

Fred N.

Growing up, I had no religious instruction of any kind. While in my mid twenties, the Lord Jesus began to draw me by putting many believers in my life and environment. Then one evening in 1982, I was filled with the realization that Jesus was real, and I opened my inner being to Him and called on His name. Since that time, (32 years) He has been my life and reason for living every day. He also gave me an intense desire to read and understand the Bible. Gradually He led me into the glorious church life where I enjoy Him in the word with other believers continually. I am so happy to be in Body!!!

Nancy N.

My experience with the Lord was similar, in some ways, to Jacob’s. The God of my grandparents, became the God of my parents. When I was 18, I decided that I would accept my parent’s God as my God. Before this, I had only known God “by the hearing of the ear.” But when I prayed to receive Him, the heavens opened and the God of glory appeared to me. As the apostle Paul said, “when it pleased God to reveal His Son in me…” the love of God was poured out in my heart. I had never known such love! The following day, I was invited to a meeting of the church in Los Angeles, and I found His presence there; the flow of the river of water of life was there. I was raised among the Brethren, but the ministry of brother Watchman Nee and Witness Lee made the Bible an open book to me. Since then, the Bible has become my food. Now, like Jacob, I can lean on my “staff,” and look back over my life and see that God has shepherded me my whole life until now. My history could not be written without Him woven throughout it. In good things, and bad things, He has been with me, and all things have worked together to transform me. Praise Him!

Melissa J.

As a believer in Christ I grew up a Baptist. It started out young (I’m guessing 6 or 7 yrs old) my siblings and I would walk down the road to attend a Baptist church, while my parents were still asleep. I knew from that young age that the Lord was setting me aside as His own. As years went by I then switched to a different Baptist church where I stayed for 4 years. In that period of time I struggled with temptation and lust (dating) then a wonderful and strange thing happened that I feel was not an accident. The Lord brought my husband and I together very briefly at a young age (15ish) through some mutual friends; we knew each other for only a day or two. A few years later I moved out of the city then came back at age 19 and the very next day I met my husband again at a fire on the beach! He mentioned to me that he was in a church that met in a home and instantly I knew that's where I needed to be and after one year we were married. All these things worked together to bring us to where we are today. We have to deny our self and our soul life (old man), and we need to turn to the spirit every second of everyday to become todays overcomers to bring the Lord back. I may not know as much as my husband when it comes to the Bible but I do know I love Christ! So I strive daily to be a river crosser, enter into the good land, and be useful to God for His expression. It doesn’t matter who we are, or how weak we are. We need to listen carefully to the Lord's word, obey the Lord’s word, destroy all idols that hold us back, and take a stand for the Lord. Praise the Lord for the Body!